What is Techno-Anthropology?

Edited by: Tom Borsen, Lars Botin

This anthology explores the different approaches to and readings of 'Techno-Anthropology,' which is a new interdisciplinary research and study area at Aalborg University. Techno-Anthropology is a hybrid that, in different ways, redefines and transcends distinctions, such as humans vs. technologies, or the natural sciences vs. the humanities. Thereby, gaps are bridged between different disciplines and professions working with new technologies, and between technological artifacts and their users. The book will appeal to scientists, anthropologists, engineers, philosophers, designers, sociologists, planners, educators, innovators, and decision makers. Its chapters are concerned with a wide range of issues related to Techno-Anthropology: ethnographic field work in expert and technology cultures * interdisciplinary perspectives on education * collaboration and communication * philosophical analyses and ethical judgments of new and emerging technologies * digital anthropology * anthropology-driven design. (Series: Series in Transformational Studies / Serie om Laerings-, forandrings- og organisationsudviklingsprocesser -- Vol. 3)~

Publication Date: 12/31/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788771121230