Theoretical and Applied Ethics

Edited by: Hannes Nykanen, Ole Preben Riis, Jorg Zeller

Within the domains of morality, is there a distinction that can be properly drawn by using the concepts of applied and theoretical ethics? Could not all ethics be an application of something that has no theoretical foundation - or perhaps only another kind of foundation? Or, perhaps ethics could also be a theory about something that is altogether inapplicable? Moral philosophers have not managed to rule out the possibilities indicated by questions such as these, and this fact could perhaps be taken as a reminder that a relevant moral philosophy should probably not distance itself too much from either the putatively theoretical or applied aspects of moral issues. In this volume, a number of writers wrestle with the problem concerning applied and theoretical ethics, illuminating it from different angles. (Series: Applied Philosophy / Anvendt Filosofi - Vol. 5)

278 pages

Publication Date: 12/17/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788771121162