Inside Megaprojects

Understanding Cultural Practices in Project Management

By Jennifer Whyte, Hans Wamelink, Marcel Veenswijk, Karen Smits, Orvar Lofgren, Kristina Lauche, Chris Ivory, Esra Bektas, Neil Alderman

Edited by: Alfons van Marrewijk

Complex and extensive civil engineering and construction megaprojects frequently attract societal attention due to nuisances, failures, budget overruns, time delays, citizens' resistance, and resigning politicians. These megaprojects rarely remain uncontested, particularly if pursued within a democratic political context, as they are perceived not only as costly, but also as significant threats to the local quality of life. Regardless of their contested nature, there has been a sharp increase in the magnitude and frequency of major infrastructure projects. However, the organizing of these megaprojects remains a mystery, as little is known about their daily operations. The aim of this book is to understand building and civil engineering megaprojects as a cultural phenomenon by presenting five empirical case studies on cultural practices in their organization. The book contains in-depth studies of megaprojects from distinct places in the world: Oresund Bridge (Sweden-Denmark), Panama Canal (Panama), Heathrow Terminal 5 (UK), Highspeed Train (the Netherlands), and Siderar (Argentina). It will be of interest to scholars and students of Project Management, Organization Science, and Civil Engineering, and it will provide practitioners in the field of Project Management a cultural lens to view problems differently. (Series: Advances in Organization Studies) [Subject: Project Management, Urban Studies, Civil Engineering]

Publication Date: 8/28/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763003445

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