Reflections on a Scientific Career

Behind the Professor's CV

By Stewart Clegg, Lars Strannegard, Johnny Holmstrom, Bente Elkjaer, Samantha Warren, Alf Rehn, Daniel Robey, James G. March, Anders Soderholm, Markus Hallgren

Edited by: Markus Hallgren

Reflections on a Scientific Career: Behind the Professor's CV is not a traditional book about life in academia. This book offers insights on the academic careers of scientific scholars who have recently become Ph.D. It gathers professors from different disciplines, countries, and contexts, who have been brought together through a passion for research. The book offers unique reflections on their personal career experiences, providing insights as to how the academic system really works. Table of Contents: Scholars' Experiences * A Rough Guide for Post-Doctoral Researchers * Read, Write and Get It Right * Building Academic Success through Fun and Relevance * Leadership in Context: Notes on Sharing Visions as a Key for Transformational Academic Leadership * Paddling Furiously under the Surface: Micro-Strategies for the Labor of an Academic Research Career * Seize Chances, Be Courageous, and Trust Your Mentors and Intuition * From Theory Boy to Practitioners' Darling * Career Fulfillment: The Journey to Tenure and Beyond * A Scholar's Quest * From Being a New Ph.D. to Becoming a Scholar. [Subject: Academic Research, Labor Studies, Higher Education]

Publication Date: 9/15/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763003223