Limits to Globalization

National Borders Still Matter

Edited by: Maarit Laihonen, Susan Merilainen, Jukka Makinen, Risto Tainio

From a business standpoint, this book examines the limits to globalization, since companies are neither as international nor as open as commonly presented. Scholars of globalization have mainly concentrated on describing the global reach of companies, as well as their outward openness. They have, to a large extent, neglected the other side of the coin: the strength of the companies' national roots and the inward restrictions that are still widely imposed by their nation-states. Limits to Globalization examines this neglected side of globalization. The limits are explored through four major themes. First, the enduring characteristics of national business systems are highlighted. Second, the significance of national roots and local markets in the strategies of multinational companies is illustrated. Third, cultural and social barriers to globalization are demonstrated. And, fourth, the changing relations between business and politics in the interconnected world are discussed. [Subject: Business, Globalization, Politics]

240 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763002516