Business Opportunities in a Globalizing Economy

Edited by: Verner Worm

China has emerged as a focal point for both the business community at large and within the field of international business. An important way for China to achieve its position is through foreign direct investments (FDIs). This book looks at the main causes behind the impressive economic growth in China and in particular it explores the major role that FDIs play. The authors cover aspects of China's economic globalization both from a macro- as well as a micro-oriented approach. On the macro-oriented side, the book focuses on FDIs role in itself and gives a detailed distribution of the origin of the investment as well as the destination in different provinces. On the micro-oriented side, it explains how guanxi capital can be a sustainable competitive advantage. The book comprises a detailed description of outbound FDIs, which is found to be both market- and technology-seeking. China's attraction of FDIs will have an impact on neighboring countries, both positively and negatively. This impact cannot be understood without considering national loyalties of the overseas Chinese. In order to complete the picture of China's emergence, the book also considers the increasing number of Chinese tourists. Although the number of people who can afford a trip to the West is limited, China's integration in the world economy presents an opportunity for Chinese business travelers to go overseas to learn more about business in other countries.

195 pages

Publication Date: 5/28/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763002141

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