The Virtue of Leadership

By Ole Fogh Kirkeby

Managers have stopped being leaders. This might be because they don't quite understand what that task implies, but their resistance to the burden of leadership may also stem from a deeper source - namely, their inability to see the point of leadership. Managers might well ask, "What good is leadership?" and when we look around today's organizations, we can't really blame them. The Virtue of Leadership is designed to change this attitude. The book argues for the idea of leadership and provides a sense of the particular qualities of a good leader - the virtue of leadership. Its perspective can be summarized in the image of what the baroque philosophers called the "Mirror of the Prince." It is a protreptics in the classical Greek sense, an injunction to the leader that she or he must take the personal life seriously, both as a leader and as a human being. It is a handbook or manual that guides the way to being who one is.

176 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763002073