Managing Global Offshoring Strategies

A Case Approach

By Jacob Pyndt, Torben Pedersen

This book addresses the challenges associated with managing global offshoring strategies. Offshoring and offshore outsourcing are hardly new phenomena. What is new is that information technology creates new opportunities for geographically dispersed business activities and enables the fragmentation of the value chain for "traditional" production and service companies. The pace of offshoring is likely to gain further momentum. The authors' intention in this book is to "put a face" on some Danish companies as they contemplate and engage in offshoring projects. When selecting the cases, the authors chose a diverse set that exemplifies the complicated range of challenges that companies face when they migrate products or services. All of the cases were developed on the basis of in-depth field research and close collaboration with the respective company managers. The book targets bachelor, master and MBA students taking courses on global strategy. It can be used in conjunction with a set of readings and articles on global strategy issues. Although the book is meant to serve as teaching material, the authors hope that business professionals also find inspiration and interesting insights applicable to their own organizations as they search for global offshoring opportunities.

208 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788763001694