The Good Paper

A handbook for writing papers in higher education

By Lotte Rienecker, Peter Stray Jorgensen, Signe Skov

The Good Paper is a handbook for writing research papers, BA and other projects, theses, essays, etc. in higher education. The book is written for students who must independently formulate a research question and search for the required literature for their research papers. The book includes numerous annotated examples of good papers coming from university and professional bachelor programs. It also provides activities along with necessary explanations. The Good Paper's view is that the research paper is a genre that cuts across fields and disciplines. This genre has five fundamental guiding elements which can be illustrated by a pentagon model: 1) the research question, 2) the purpose, 3) the data, materials, and phenomena, 4) the theories, concepts, and methods, and 5) the research design. *** Contents include: Good Papers in Higher Education - Genres and Quality Criteria * Writing Processes of Research Papers * Smaller Homework Assignments, One-Week Assignments, Set Exams - Essays * Formulating a Research Question: From Topic to Focus and Question * Literature and Information Search for Your Paper * Reading and Taking Notes for Your Paper * Sources in Your Paper * Data in the Paper * Theory, Concepts, Methods, and Research Design (= The Method of Your Research) * The Paper's Structure and Elements * The Paper's Argumentations * Clear and Academic Language * Supervision, Independence, and Ownership * Recommended Literature for Writing Papers and on Study Skills.

382 pages

Publication Date: 7/15/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788759317907