Navigating in Foreign Language Texts

By Lita Lundquist

This book has been written, first and foremost, for students in higher education who are often confronted with the task of reading complex texts in a foreign language in order to acquire information and knowledge. The main idea is that foreign language students, due to their native language, are already familiar with basic principles for processing texts, and only need to be made aware of these principles in order to facilitate their comprehension of foreign language texts. The languages dealt with in this book comprise English, German, French, and Spanish, as well as other European (and Indo-European) languages, which have a lot in common. Instead of focusing on language difference, the book shows students how to take advantage of features that are shared between their native language and a foreign language. The book includes an introduction to two e-learning programs: TeXtRay, which makes an 'X-ray' of the text, and naviLire, which offers exercises in text navigation. Both programs assist users in identifying linguistic means of creating coherence and meaning in texts, and in exploiting such means when it comes to reading and writing texts in the foreign language.

147 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788759314173