Comparing Anaphors

Copenhagen Studies in Language - Volume 34

Edited by: Iorn Korzen, Lita Lundquist

Copenhagen Studies in Language carries studies in both language for general purposes and language for special purposes (LSP). Its scope covers grammar, semantics, pragmatics, text linguistics, and translation, from a theoretical as well as an applied perspective. It is the editors' policy to bring out thematic volumes. While based at the Copenhagen Business School, the series is open to contributions from linguists in other institutions in Denmark and abroad. This volume contains the proceedings of a symposium entitled Comparing Anaphors, held at the Copenhagen Business School in September 2005. The contributions are highly representative of the many analytical perspectives and different theoretical frameworks concerned with anaphora, encompassing syntax, logico-semantics, and lexical semantics, as well as pragmatic, cognitive, psycholinguistic, and experimental lines of inquiry.

206 pages

Publication Date: 1/24/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788759312766