Human Rights in National Administrative Law

Dissemination of Knowledge of Human Rights through Administrative Decisions

By Ayo Naesborg-Andersen

Human rights are increasingly debated in the public sphere, yet human rights law - at least in the case of Denmark - is traditionally all but invisible in the discussions on national administrative law. This book sets out to analyze if, and in what way, the application of human rights law is visible in the case law of institutions performing reviews of Danish administrative decisions. The first section of the book provides an introduction, a research question, the methodological considerations, and the delimitations. The second section is an in-depth look at the theory of empowerment and legal capability, coupled with an analysis of how this theory is supported by international and national law. The final section contains an analysis of cases from both the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Danish Equality Board, applying a model of analysis developed using the theory of legal capability and communication theories. Discussing new ways of analyzing the application of human rights, the book will be relevant for scholars and professionals primarily working with human rights law, but also with administrative law, both nationally and internationally. [Subject: Danish Law, Human Rights Law, Administrative Law, Legal Capability Theory, Communication Theory]

Publication Date: 7/1/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757434248