What happened to "the Child's best interest" in Denmark?

Edited by: Pia Deleuran

The lack of clarifying the political intention behind the phrase "the best interest of the child" as the obligation for the child to be with both parents in almost all circumstances is causing some children serious harm, as well as some primary caretakers (mostly women). In the legal realm on parental responsibility, the missing specification or definition of "the best interest of the child" leads to a suppression of the child's need for care and protection. If child experts follow the two-parents-are-necessary line, children who are being stressed or hurt are the losers. In October 2013, the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament approved a working document on a fact-finding visit to Denmark regarding child custody and visitation rights, stating that Denmark's Parental Responsibility Act has the possibility of creating perverse effects in cases with an abusive parent. By focusing on several different aspects of the law, illustrated by testimonies of high-conflict cases where the Act had severe and negative effects for children and their mothers, this book illustrates the problematic dynamics of the current Act. [Subject: Danish Law, Family Law, Children's Law]

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757433951