A Sustainable Society

A Legal Perspective in Pictures and Words

Edited by: Pia Deleuran

Clients today turn to lawyers with questions often involving cross-disciplinary problems and ethical dimensions. In order to help their clients, lawyers functioning as professional legal advisors and experts in conflict resolution need to continuously accumulate knowledge and develop their critical faculty and intellectual position. A Sustainable Society: A Legal Perspective in Pictures and Words is a picture book, a debate book, an art book, a scientific book, and an attorney's book, all at once. It serves as an excellent illustration of its own message, that the permanent structures are in flux, and that we need new ways of thinking. Based on eleven illustrations, a multidisciplinary team of academics and practitioners - with backgrounds in medicine, theology, law, policing, communications, and legal philosophy - addresses a number of central issues that today's changing society raise in the legal sphere. The illustrations focus on issues that cannot easily be answered with a yes or a no. [Subject: Socio-Legal Studies, Legal Philosophy]

300 pages

Not Yet Published
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757428957