Outside the EU Procurement Directives - Inside the Treaty?

Edited by: Dacian Dragos, Roberto Caranta

Most procurement contracts passed in the European Union escape the full rigor of the application of the 2004 directives, since they are either below the threshold or concern non-priority services. However, the Court of Justice has held that the general principles of non-discrimination and transparency apply to contracts which - because of their subject matter, value, or other characteristics - present a cross-border interest. EU Member States and procuring entities have been given some guidance - by the case law and the Commission - on what is needed to comply with the said principles, but for the most part they themselves have to fill in the blank spaces in the regulatory framework. This book provides information on how a number of relevant jurisdictions in the EU have responded to the call by the Court of Justice, highlighting both best practices and areas of uncertainties. A chapter on the EU legal framework and a number of comparative chapters help in understanding both the requirements imposed by the EU case law as well as the developing trends at the national level, which are to influence the next generation of procurement directives. (Series: European Procurement Law - Vol. 4)

424 pages

Publication Date: 12/3/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757428780