Contemporary Gender Relations and Changes in Legal Cultures

Edited by: Hanne Petersen, José Maria Lorenzo Villaverde, Ingrid Lund-Andersen

Denmark was the first country to introduce a registration scheme for same-sex couples with many of the legal effects of marriage. This is now expanding to many other parts of the world, not only by the enactment of registration schemes, but also by opening the very institution of marriage and challenging its traditionally attached hetero-normativity. The articles in this book deal with several challenges to generational, gendered, economic, and sexual relations, as well as with changes. Contents include: Intersections of Gender and Legal Culture in Two Women Judge Shows: Judge Judy and Richterin Barbara Salesch * Claiming the Right to Polygamy: Fundamentalist Mormon Challenges to North American Legal Cultures * Masculine Domination in Turkish Legal Culture: An Analysis of the High Court Decisions * Family Law and Gender in Morocco: Strategies for Change * The Noble Sami Men * An Egalitarian Fiscal Culture Favors Gender Equality: The Swedish Example * Restructuring Intimate Relations: Marriage, Cohabitation, and Same-Sex Relations - ~A Scandinavian Perspective * Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Couples in Denmark: From the First Debates to the Enactment of the Registered Partnership Act of 1989 * Same-Sex Marriage in Denmark and Legal Culture * From Decriminalization to Marriage: Changing Judicial, Political, and Religious Attitudes in the United Kingdom to Gay and Lesbian Families * Same-Sex Marriage: An Old and New Issue in Asia * Gender Relations and Third Country Nationals: Some Thoughts from a Greek Perspective

256 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757427684