Protecting the Rights of Others

Festskrift til Jens Vedsted-Hansen

Edited by: Ida Elisabeth Koch, Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Sten Schaumburg-Muller, Bettina Lemann Kristiansen

As a testament to the respect among his peers, as well as his impressive academic impact, this festschrift is presented in honor of the 60th birthday of Professor Jens Vedsted-Hansen. With the title Protecting the Rights of Others, the book's essays encompass Jens Vedsted-Hansen's impressive and wide spreading academic work, which spans a variety topics within the legal discipline, covering areas such as Danish administration law, asylum law, immigration law, social law, international refugee law, human rights law, and criminal law. With 27 contributions in total, the book contains 16 essays written in Danish, while 11 additional presentations are in English language text, as follows: Different Levels of Protection Concerning the Right to Family Life: Inconsistencies and Protection Gaps in Recent Jurisprudence * The Responsibilities of States * War or Crime? The Legitimate Use of Violence and European Human Rights Law * The Rule of Law as Perceived by the European Court of Human Rights * New Developments in the Reform of the European Court of Human Rights * Privacy and Publicity * The Post-Lisbon Relationship between the CJEU and the ECtHR * International Criminal Justice, the Gotovina Judgment, and the Making of Refugees * Privatized Law Enforcement and Control * The Concept of International Legal Personality and the Regulation of Refugees in the Inter-War Period * Indeed: Why? Thoughts on the Reasons and Motivations for Protecting Refugees.

640 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788757427363