How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws?

Proceedings from the First Carlsberg Conference on Medieval Legal History (Second Edition)

Edited by: Ditlev Tamm, Per Andersen, Helle Vogt

This second edition contains the proceedings from the conference "How Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws," which was held at Copenhagen's Carlsberg Academy in May 2003. The main theme of the conference was Nordic medieval laws as seen in a European context, which raised the question about just how Nordic these laws were. Scholars and students of medieval legislation and legal history will find this book a useful contribution to the discussion about the character of vernacular legislation. The first edition of the proceedings was published in 2005, but since then, much has happened concerning the understanding of how Nordic the Nordic medieval laws were - or rather how "European" the Nordic medieval laws were. This second edition of the proceedings contains articles that have been revised and updated according to current knowledge.

248 pages

Publication Date: 5/15/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757426069

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