Law and Religion in the 21st Century - Nordic Perspectives

Edited by: Lisbet Christoffersen, Svend Andersen, Kjell A. Modeer

In this book, Nordic scholars - from the disciplines of law, ethics, religious studies, and theology - offer critical analyses of religious and secular norms that influence Nordic law. Their research analyzes the historical roots and the current status of relations between religious and secular norms and the law, and they point to possible new paths for this relationghip in the 21st century. The book demonstrates where and to what extent the Nordic models need adjustment, with inspiration from Europeanized or globalized perspectives. A central conclusion is that the Nordic models themselves can be used for adjustment of other legal and religious systems. The Nordic idea of public religions, combined with the secularity of law, might also be worth reflecting on outside of these countries. With this rich publication, an old scientific field is reopened within Nordic research in new contexts and with new theories and methods. The book explains why studies in "Law and Religion" have been undermined throughout modernity.

638 pages

Publication Date: 8/16/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757423686