Conflict Management in the Family Field and in Other Close Relationships

Mediation as a Way Forward

Edited by: Pia Deleuran

This book explores conflict management in the field of family law by taking a closer look at the expertise, orthodoxy, and role of theory in the practice of mediation. A cross-disciplinary group of experts from around the world have contributed to the book, showing how various cultures influence the way problems are approached. The book is illustrated with surprising and artistic photo-collages that apply a new dimension to the text, creating a special synergy effect. The book promotes the act of viewing art as a valuable learning method in order for mediators to develop their intuitive sensibilities, their problem solving abilities, and a way to 'think outside of the box.' Finally, it describes a constructive way of handling court cases in family law on basis of actual experiences with a new system introduced in Australia.

180 pages

Publication Date: 3/19/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788757423037