Advertising Law

Marketing Law and Commercial Freedom of Expression

By Caroline Heide-Jorgensen

Contributions by: Steven Harris

This book contains one of the most important preconditions of the modern market economy; that people involved in commerce should have the right to inform the market about the goods and services they offer. This right to make commercial communications, including advertising, is fundamental to the conduct of business and to competition, and it is also important for consumers. The regulation of advertising is therefore of great importance, both economically and legally. The right to advertise is part of the right to carry on a business, thus it is one of the most fundamental legal rights. Table of Contents include: The General Principles of Advertising Law * Commercial Freedom of Expression * The Challenge to the Regulation of Advertising from Commercial Freedom of Expression: General Principles * Misleading Advertising: Commercial Freedom of Expression and Consumers * Comparative, Unfair, and Disparaging Advertising: Commercial Freedom of Expression and Competitors * Commercial Freedom of Expression and the Public Interest * Cross-Border Aspects: The Internet and the Free Movement of Advertising * Should Commercial Expression be Covered by Protection of Freedom of Expression?

566 pages

Publication Date: 1/31/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788757423013