VBA Programming in Business Economics

By Sanne Wøhlk

This book about Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is fine-tuned for business applications. The reader is introduced to a variety of different VBA tools which will enable him or her to write small, useful business-related programs. VBA Programming in Business Economics is structured as a textbook where each chapter concludes with a number of exercises which can be used for individual training or as a base for computer-lab teaching. Besides covering the basic programming, the book also covers programming topics that are more business related, such as how to use the Excel Solver from within the VBA code, how to perform simulations, and how to construct user forms and make them work with the program. Learning to make useful programs requires more than just writing a number of if- and while statements. Therefore, the book also provides a chapter that illustrates how to design and structure a program. In all, this book is a hands-on-guide on VBA for graduate students in Business Economics.

332 pages

Publication Date: 7/2/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788757422672