Death and burial in Karia

Edited by: Eva Mortensen, Birte Poulsen

This volume of the series Halicarnassian Studies presents a number of contributions concerning ongoing and recent research on tombs and deathscapes, including the publication of an Imperial, late-antique necropolis outside the Myndos Gate in ancient Halikarnassos. Four articles concern the publication of the 22 monumental tombs and their mosaics, the surveying and drawing of the necropolis, and the inscriptions that belonged to the tombs. In relation to these follows a linguistic analysis of two local funerary terms. Other articles shed further light on aspects of death and burial in Halikarnassos-one through a recently excavated intramural necropolis, the other through some preliminary observations on sarcophagi. Included are chapters on discoveries made on the site that housed the most famous Karian tomb monument, the Mausoleum. One essay scrutinizes a funerary epigram from Halikarnassos mentioning a family that moved from Thurii to Halikarnassos, while two articles concentrate on necropoleis outside Halikarnassos. These include a first preliminary report on Cukurbuk, a prehistoric necropolis on the Halikarnassos peninsula, and the deathscapes of Loryma on the Bozburun peninsula in the Karian Chersones. (Series: Halicarnassian Studies, Vol. 6) [Subject: Death Rites, Archaeology, History]

Publication Date: 12/20/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788740830606