American Manual of Examination in Medicine (2CK)

Step 2CK (Clinical Knowledge)

Edited by: Jason Willis-Lee

Contributions by: Jason Willis-Lee

This manual contains the medical content to prepare for step 2 Clinical Knowledge for the USMLE in the United States. The CTO method applied to USMLE makes a team of tutors available to the student. They have experience in taking this kind of examination, having obtained the best results, and will assist the student during their preparation. Also included are diagrams, pictures, and tables to make studying easier. Table of Contents: Specific Study Manual in PDF format; Online Student Website with access to a database of questions with more than 5,000 questions in English and comments in Spanish; mock exams; a database of representative pictures; a personalized schedule; and a specialized tutor. [Subject: Medicine, USMLE, Medical Education]~

Publication Date: 1/1/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788416276219