Game Theory in Jurisprudence

By Wojciech Zaluski

Game theory is a branch of mathematics that studies strategic interactions - i.e., interactions which involve more than one agent and in which each agent makes her/his decision while striving to predict the decisions of other agents. Game theory has been successfully applied in many areas of both the natural and social sciences, and it is the belief of this book's author that it can also be gainfully invoked in the area of legal philosophy. This second edition of Game Theory in Jurisprudence analyzes legal-philosophical concepts - such as legal interpretation, justice, legal rights, contract law, tort law, and property law - through the lens of game theory. The book appeals mainly to game theory's conceptual rather than technical side, and intertwines game-theoretical analysis with the philosophical. It will be accessible to a wider circle of readers interested in legal and moral philosophy. [Subject: Game Theory, Philosophy, Legal Philosophy]

360 pages

Publication Date: 7/2/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788378860273

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