Transnational and Historical Perspectives on Global Health, Welfare and Humanitarianism

Edited by: Ellen Fleischmann, Inger Marie Okkenhaug, Micheal Marten, Sonya Grypma

This book offers several essays with transnational and historical perspectives on global health, welfare and humanitarianism. This anthology brings together a series of essays on transnational themes and methodological approaches pertaining to the historical study of global health, welfare and humanitarianism. The essays on topics ranging from missions to methods offer a more nuanced understanding of the interconnectedness and evolving nature of global charitable work, as well as its contribution as an historical antecedent of contemporary (secular) notions of 'global citizenship' and global health. Written by and about northern Europeans and North Americans interested in transnational knowledge exchanges in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, these essays reflect the complex ways in which both historians and their subjects transverse(d) national, gendered, racial and religious boundaries. Through them, the authors open up new questions about the nature of transnationalism (and transnational research) itself. *** "[this book] is a well thought through volume with an introduction that grounds this work on the 'transnational turn' identifying the transnational as 'open-ended movements, exchanges, networks, individual and connections' outside the nation state." -- Carmen M. Mangion (Birkbeck, University of London), Social History of Medicine, 2014 *** "As a whole, the essays contribute much to a deeper understanding of the historical development of global charitable efforts, both within the structures of religious establishments and in the secular movements that have grown out of them." -- J. Stephen Fountain (Global Center for Advanced Studies), Literature and Theology, 2015~

Publication Date: 4/10/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788292712757