Attending to Silence

Educators and Philosophers on the Art of Listening

Edited by: Aslaug Kristiansen, Henny Fiska Hagg

ln our noisy, busy and efficient world, silence is an all too often overlooked aspect of human life. In this book, the authors attempt to amend this fact by bringing together articles that deal at least with some sides of the manifold phenomenon, focusing on vital aspects. The authors come from different fields of learning: philosophy, education and religion. Therefore silence will be explored in quite diverse settings: in human encounters with nature, with religion, in inter-personal dialogue, in education, in bodily expressions. The authors share a common interest in human growth and in the cultivation of humanity. The role of silence in an educational context is given special attention, notably how the different aspects of silence in various ways may influence the educational discourse between teachers and students.

Publication Date: 12/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788292712726