Out of the Shadows

Beat Women Are Not Beaten Women

Edited by: Frida Forsgren, Michael J. Prince

This volume brings women's contribution to Beat literature, art, and their milieu out of the shadows, expanding the "Beat canon" to include and discuss works and persons which are frequently overlooked. By opening up the borders of scholarly discourse and letting new voices, images, and discussions enter, a fuller picture of Beat culture in America can be seen. Out of the Shadows: Beat Women Are Not Beaten Women presents the newest research on the female beats in literature, art, and culture, discussing pioneer figures such as Hettie Jones, Ruth Weiss, Joan Haverty Kerouac, Diane di Prima, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Cassady, and Jay DeFeo, as well as even lesser known writers and artists, such as Jane Bowles, Bernice Bing, and Elisabeth Von Vogt. (Series: Portal Academic) [Subject: Women's Studies, US Studies, Literary Criticism, Art, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 11/25/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788283140590