Radical Rhetoric-Moderate Behavior

Perceptions of Islam, Shari'a, and the Radical Dimension in Urban Pakistan

By David Hansen

Radical Rhetoric - Moderate Behavior is intended for a wide audience, including journalists, policymakers, scholars, as well as students of political science, Islam, cultural anthropology, security studies, and South Asian studies. The book's strength draws from the author's decade long research experience in Pakistan, substantial sets of empirical data gathered from respondents and informants in urban Punjab, a thorough review of theoretical contributions, and a careful analysis and presentation of data. Although the book centers on urban Punjab, it has relevance far beyond and may be useful for understanding contemporary Muslim societies in general, as well as how Muslims globally think about issues relating to everyday Islam, political Islam, and the sensitive topic relating to an ever-increasing portrayal of Muslims as inherently dangerous. *** "...(Hansen) calls into question the dominant and simplistic narrative regarding Pakistan and radical Islam and, in providing a "voice" to those usually ignored in popular discourse, presents a study that is both timely and enlightening. Highly recommended." - Choice, March 2013 *** "David Hansen's study confirms the fact that most Pakistanis are still moderate, despite the growing attraction of radical rhetoric. It has an immediacy and 'presence' that the many other books lack, we get the feeling that we are listening to Pakistanis offer their views and emotions on a range of issues, the flavor of Pakistan jumps off the page. This book should be consulted by all policymakers concerned about the future of this troubled state; Pakistan is changing fast, in unpredictable and frightening ways, it has now, in David Hansen's' fine book received the close scholarly attention that it deserves." - Dr. Stephen P. Cohen, Brookings Institution

484 pages

Publication Date: 5/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788251928618