Liberating Diakonia

By Kjell Nordstokke

Diakonia - as a church's social action and healing ministry - has received increased attention over the last few decades. The ecumenical reflection on diakonia generally focuses on: a) an ecclesial identity, emphasizing the mutual relation between what the church is and what the church does; b) a holistic nature and interdisciplinary approach; and c) a prophetic mandate, publicly defending the cause of the poor and suffering in the struggle for justice. How is it possible to establish a scientific discourse on diakonia as disciplined reflection on praxis? Liberating Diakonia reflects critically on this under the three main headings of The Theology of Diakonia, The Diaconal Ministry, and Diakonia as Integral Part of Mission. Throughout the book, special attention is given to questions of hermeneutics and the methodological approach.

144 pages

Publication Date: 9/19/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788251927956