Conservation of Natural Resources

Some African & Asian Examples

Edited by: Emmanuel J Gereta, Eivin Røskaft

The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration but are an integral part of our natural resources and of our future livelihood and well being. The conservation of wildlife and wild places calls for specialist knowledge, trained manpower, and money. - Julius K. Nyerere, the first President of Tanganyika *** "The environmental implications of the Grameen project flow from its impacts on both social capital and women's empowerment, strongly associated with conservation and sustainable natural resource management." - Prof. Mohammad Yunus, Bangladesh, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 2007 *** This easy-to-consult book is a comprehensive scientific study on the conservation of wildlife in Africa and Asia. While most of the data and case studies originate from Tanzania and Bangladesh, the usefulness of this book is not limited to Tanzania nor the developing countries, but to the global conservation community. It will benefit all those who have a special interest in the conservation of natural resources.

500 pages

Publication Date: 8/26/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788251926010