Ecosystem Barents Sea

Edited by: Geir Johnsen, Kit Kovacs, Egil Sakshaug

This book describes the marine ecosystem of the Barents Sea, located north of Norway and Russia as part of the Arctic Ocean. Basic knowledge is presented about components of the ecosystem from virus and bacteria via plankton and fish to seabirds through to marine mammals and their interactions with the physical environment. Ecosystem dynamics are given a prominent role in the book. Mathematical models of the plankton and important fish stocks are employed to help elucidate the interplay between populations and trophic levels. The situation regarding contaminants is reviewed, as is the newly established Norwegian plan for the management of the Barents Sea. The impact of global warming is also discussed. Ecosystem Barents Sea is written for all those with an interest in marine ecology in the arctic seas, including research institutes, governmental ecosystem management units, and natural resources organizations.

587 pages

Publication Date: 8/20/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788251924610