Decision Making in Project Management

By Asbjorn Rolstadas, Jeffrey K. Pinto, Peter Falster, Ray Venkataraman

Project management involves decision making, and, for most projects, the ability to make good decisions is crucial to their success. In practice, many project management decisions are based purely on experience and judgement - not always successfully. Effective decision making requires an understanding of available alternatives, appropriate methods for deriving choices, and the ability to continually evaluate and select the best means for enhancing project success. This book presents a model for decision making in projects. It distinguishes between authorization, selection, and plan decisions, and it presents an overview of available techniques. In addition, the book presents research results to support methods for optimal decisions in projects in order to achieve success. (Series: NTNU Engineering - Vol. 4) [Subject: Project Management, Business]

Publication Date: 12/2/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788245017731