Project Management - A New Mindset for Success

Collaborative Business and Global Mindset

By Wenche Aarseth

Why are some project managers successful in spotting global opportunities and gaining the trust of important stakeholders, while others mismanage them and fail? The findings presented in this book, from interviews conducted with hundreds of project managers and project team members, suggest the answer could lie in the project managers' attitudes and mindsets. A new mindset was found to be critical to gain success, and although the development of a new mindset does not happen overnight, this book will help direct project managers, project workers, and project-based companies along the way. The terms 'business mindset' and 'global mindset' refer to how project managers see their projects in a collaborative context - both a collaborative business context and a collaborative global context - and how this affects their attitude and actions. Projects are often initiated for business reasons, and, for companies operating projects on a global scale, the development of their project managers' business and global mindsets becomes highly relevant. The book will guide readers through some of these challenges in order to be better prepared for new business in a global environment. It also suggests some ideas for solutions to the challenges and provides a thorough understanding of important success factors in projects. [Subject: Project Management, Business]

Publication Date: 12/2/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788245017168