Intelligent Goods in Transport Systems

Edited by: Heidi Dreyer, Trond Foss

'Intelligent goods' are commercial goods that carry electronically stored data, enabling the identification of the contents, the events that occur during transportation, and the final destination. This allows for higher quality of tracking information, flow management, coupling logistics, traffic management, and more. Written by recognized senior researchers, this book examines how intelligent goods may collect, store, protect, and communicate information related to the goods and its transport from Point A to Point B and how this capability may support the actors involved in the management and control of supply chain networks and transport systems. The book is designed for students focusing on the Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Transportation domains, but it is also very useful for SCM and transport system stakeholders who want to look into new technology and applications that will contribute to a more effective, safe, secure, and reliable operation of their systems. (Series: NTNU Engineering Series - No. 3)

314 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788232102044