Ernest Mansfield (1862-1924)

Gold - or I'm a Dutchman

By Susan Barr, David Newman, Greg Nesteroff

Gold, or I'm a Dutchman! exclaimed Ernest Mansfield as he pored over specimens of rock and sand that the local rector had brought back from Svalbard to the small English village of Goldhanger. Mansfield's unshakable belief in the ultimate gold strike sent him into the Arctic as one of the pioneers of the 'Klondike period' in Svalbard and established his name among the unforgettable historical personalities of the time. His flamboyant style and lavish, self-promoting writings offer information about the man and also leave some tantalizing questions about his true character. This book follows Ernest Mansfield's treks from his native England to New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, and Svalbard, and back to England - with forays into Australia and the northern US. He left behind material traces in the form of half-attempted mine workings and quarries, huts and miners' living quarters, machinery, and abandoned tools. He also left behind books, poetry, and newspaper articles. Perhaps most of all, Ernest Mansfield left behind an aura of mystery about himself, a legend in the history of an Arctic archipelago. *** "...the fascinating story of a flamboyant and charismatic man who sought the ultimate gold strike in a variety of places around the world while authoring books, poetry, and newspaper articles. Informed, informative, and superlatively written....highly recommended." - The Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch, April 2013, The Biography Shelf

192 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788232100200