Information Management in Digital Environment

Edited by: R. Raman Nair, K.J. John, Sreekumar N.

Library and information systems are knowledge sources, which determine the quality and relevance of the development activities of the community they serve. The role of the library professional is to organize knowledge collections and facilitate access to text, sound, and images from a wide variety of sources, often in the context of a one-stop shopping scenario. In the present networked society, access is organized using different methods. Information available in-house and elsewhere is pooled manually and digitally to provide context-based services. Computer and communication technologies have enormous potential for managing information and making it retrievable and accessible. The present volume contains papers and proceedings of a national conference on this topic, organized by TIST libraries, which achieved a confluence of participants from engineering and information science fields. The book covers a wide variety of topics and perspectives, including: library automation in a contemporary open source environment; software for library automation and developing digital libraries; bridging the gap between recorded knowledge and living knowledge; innovative library management using holographic projection technology; techniques of literature search for relevance and efficiency in research; consortium for e-journals; wireless intrusion detection mechanisms; and achieving the objectives of the public library movement using ICT. This collection analyzes the main issues associated with Library and Information services in the digital era. This volume will serve as a guide to academic administrators, librarians, and information system managers. [Subject: Library & Information Science]

Publication Date: 2/26/2018
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788193431191

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