Managing Library in Electronic Era

Principles and Practice

Edited by: Rabindra Kumar Mahapatra, Surendra Sethy

The increasing availability of electronic information is transforming libraries and information services, making the management of information resources in libraries of great importance in the digital world. This book will be a handy tool for librarians needing to acquire the knowledge to make administrative changes necessary to deal with new technologies. The application of such technologies has great impact on the structure and functioning of learning resource centers. Existing network facilities can be utilized to achieve huge savings in labor costs, the reduction of paper storage, handling facilities, etc. Libraries are designing and implementing prototypes of the electronic library, and have introduced new technologies as a growing adjunct to traditional text formats and services. Besides technology, soft skills are also required by the professionals to face the challenges of the digital era. In the ever transforming library environment, this book is an attempt to help students, teachers, professionals, and researchers of LIS get information on recent trends in libraries. This book is an accessible practice-based guide encompassing all areas of library and information management in the electronic era. [Subject: Library & Information Science]

Publication Date: 8/10/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788193359754