Automation of Library Integrated Operations

A How to do Manual

By V.J. Suseela, V. Uma

Until recently, library automation was an optional activity for libraries and limited to a few larger libraries with fewer operations-such as cataloguing, circulation of books, etc.-but the concept has been gaining prominence. Many practicing librarians and LIS schools in developing countries, including India, have become interested in the idea. Moreover, some government departments, quality assessment, as well as accrediting agencies who have been encouraging foundations/consortia to design and develop LIS software for the benefit of their member libraries, are making library automation mandatory. Commercial, as well as open source, LIS software have entered the field with varied processes, facilities, and customizable options (e.g. Libsys, Libris, Newgenlib, Koha, VTLS, e-grandhalaya, SOUL, etc.) The objective of any library is primarily to serve the user community by providing the right information to the right reader at the right time with the latest technologies and tools, but most of the public and academic libraries in India are not yet able to implement automation programs due to lack of funds, as well as expertise. These libraries are encountering customization issues as no software sufficiently supports all library operations according to procedures followed by Indian libraries. Furthermore, these libraries are also facing installation and update problems with Open source software. This book deals with all the current aspects of automation and the issues that need to be addressed while implementing automation in a librarian's respective library. The latest web applications viz. mobile, RFID technologies are discussed in the context of enhancing the effects of library automation. The information included here is designed for practicing librarians implementing automation in their libraries. [Subject: Library Science]

Publication Date: 8/10/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788193359723