Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth

Scope and Dimension

Edited by: K. Gangadharan

Inclusive growth has been the catch word for most of the developing countries of the world to attain equity, justice. One of the more impressive aspects of India's growth story relates to the expansion of the banking infrastructure. Since 1969, India's banking network has grown tenfold from 8,000 branches to 80,000. However, it is a sad reality that for all the impressive growth, nearly 40% of the households in India - many of them rural - do not have a bank account. The exclusion of vast segment of the population - comprising mostly marginal farmers, agricultural workers, and casual laborers - is perceived as an impediment to inclusive growth. Additionally, financial apartheid is still haunting vast segments of the global community, especially in developing economies. This book highlights how financial inclusion culminates in inclusive growth. It portrays the scope and dimension of different financial inclusion strategies, and it looks at the role and potential of different agencies involved in financial inclusion, tackling the issues of financial exclusion in order to attain a target of inclusive growth.

674 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788184050776