Education in the Age of Globalisation

Edited by: Sudhanshu Sekhar Mishra, Rajan Kumar Sahoo, Tilottama Senapati

The introduction of economic reform, the replacement of GATT by WTO, and the signing of GATS have 'globalised' education. In this changing situation, education has become a tradable commodity determined by market forces. Teaching and learning are no longer meant for the building a nation, but are considered business for profit making. This book is the result of the work of research academics in India. These scholars have studied the nature and working of Indian institutions, to carry out their vision and mission in the light of the entry of global players in the education sector. The book discusses the emerging trends of education, the consequent challenges, and the apprehension of any future crisis. The contributions, views, and suggestions will be of immense assistance in understanding and solving the problems in the education sector. They will inspire policy measures for educational development in general, and higher education in particular, in India.

202 pages

Publication Date: 10/25/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788184050561