Sustainable Development

By Kumar Das

Books on sustainable development have been appearing with increasing rapidity since the Earth Summit, 1992. The field of sustainable development is conceptually divided into four general dimensions: social, economic, environmental, and institutional. The desire for rapid economic growth spurred on by globalization does not mean much unless that growth is sustainable. The idea of sustainable development should be less idealistic and more practical, asserting the need to adequately prioritize the role of improved environmental management. National policies are the key determinants of sustainable development process. This book argues for sustainable development and examines the environmental implications of the economic development process. It highlights the impact of population, industrialization, and natural disasters on the environment. It analyzes the environmental issues pertaining to agriculture, energy, tourism, fisheries, and displacement under the broader framework of sustainable development. It discusses the many contradictions and inconsistencies. Confronting the challenge is very costly, but not facing the challenge is disastrous for the whole society. The book will help redefine how the policy maker should think about full range of environmental issues and indicating the inclusive approaches for the next generation of economists.

240 pages

Publication Date: 5/1/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788184050455