US Policy Towards India

A Post Cold War Study

By Amulya K. Tripathy, Rabi Narayan Tripathy

During the Cold War period, the relationship between the US and India was strained. This was due to conflicting perspectives of the Cold War. The main focus of US foreign policy was the containment of Communism. India, being a leading non-aligned country, was opposed to the Cold War. India became particularly concerned after Pakistan entered into a military alliance with the US. But, things changed dramatically after the Cold War, providing new opportunities for improved relations between the US and India. Indian adherence to a democratic path, secularism, a free market economy, and, above all, a vast consumer market, was attractive to the US. India also relinquished its non-aligned policy as there were no longer two super powers. The US is now India's largest trading partner. This study presents the relationship between India and the US in the post-Cold War period and analyzes relations between the two countries during the Clinton administration.

317 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788184050417