Comparative Governments and Politics

Including Case Studies of Britain, Brazil, Nigeria and China

By Chanchal Kumar

Comparative governments and politics is one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in political science. A comparative study of governments facilitates objective and rational judgement about political systems. The field seeks to study and understand different political systems analytically, systematically, and relatively. It looks for patterns, regularities, and systemic changes within and among them. Additional areas of focus include the comparative study of institutions, interest groups, political culture/values, public policies, and the processes by which countries are developed. This book provides insights into comparative governments and politics. More specifically, the book focuses on examining politics in a historical framework, while engaging with various themes of comparative analysis in developed and developing countries. It includes comparative case studies of Britain, Brazil, Nigeria, and China. [Subject: Politics]

Publication Date: 7/31/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177084078