Micro Finance, Micro Enterprises and Women Entrepreneurs

By Rabindra Kumar Swain

Micro finance is the provision of a diverse range of financial services and products, including small loans (micro credit), saving accounts, insurance, pensions, and money transfers. In India, these are designed to assist people living in poverty who are not able to access financial services in the mainstream banking sector because they have no collateral, formal identification, or steady income. Micro enterprises contribute significantly to economic growth, equity, and social stability. The sector is one of the most important vehicles through which India's low-income-earning people can escape poverty. With limited skills and education, poor women, particularly in rural areas, find tremendous economic opportunities in micro enterprises. This book explains and examines the role of micro finance and micro enterprises in empowering women from disadvantaged sections of the Indian economy.

212 pages

Publication Date: 1/20/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177083736