Human Resources Management in India

Emerging Issues and Challenges

Edited by: Rabindra Kumar Pradhan, Chinmaya Kumar Podder

In recent years in India, the role of human resources management (HRM) has changed from being reactive to proactive. In the contemporary business scenario, HRM plays a strategic role in an organization's growth and sustainability and is linked with corporate planning, mergers and acquisitions, turnover, and rightsizing. HRM has asserted the importance of human assets in creating a dynamic and learning organization to successfully compete in the globalized world. Technological advances, global competition, demographic changes, information revolution, and trends towards the service society have changed the rules of the game significantly. In such a scenario, organizations with similar sets of resources can gain competitive advantage over others only through effective and efficient management of human resources. Human resources managers have to face a number of challenges for managing the modern knowledge-oriented organizations. This book contains 17 papers which provide deep insights into various dimensions of HRM in the Indian context, providing valuable inputs to teachers, students, and others interested in the subject.

266 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177083644