News Media in India

The Impact of Globalization

By Madhuri Madhok

Globalization has set in a new trend in India's news media wherein the once leading news agencies are steadily losing their traditional hold on daily newspapers and are slowly becoming marginalized in the process. The shrinking presence of news stories from leading news agencies is a sure indicator of the ill-effects of globalization on Indian news media. The role of news agencies has steadily declined over the past two decades. This book examines the news agencies' position in the overall news coverage, both from temporal and cross-sectional perspective. The book utilizes content analysis, a specific research approach used frequently in all areas of the media, to examine the argument that the role of Indian news agencies is shrinking in the wake of globalization. It identifies and analyzes distinct trends in the world of journalism with the help of data generated from five leading dailies, including The Times of India, The Tribune, The Statesman, The Hindu, and Punjab Kesari. Specifically, the study examines the quantum and percentage of news items taken from Indian news agencies both before and after globalization. The temporal axis analysis covers a period of 20 years, beginning with 1985.

282 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177083538