Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation in India

Policies and Programmes

By G. Satyanarayana, Madhusudana H. S.

The bulk of India's population lives in rural areas. According to the 2011 Census, the rural population formed 68.8% of the country's total population. The country's Ministry of Rural Development co-ordinates, implements, and funds schemes which aim to ensure that the fruits of economic development reach the villages and the common man. Rural development implies both the economic betterment of people, as well as greater social transformation. The increased participation of people in the rural development process - along with the decentralization of planning, better enforcement of land reforms, and greater access to credit and inputs - go a long way in providing the rural population with better prospects for improved quality of life. Improvements in health, education, drinking water, energy supply, sanitation, and housing also facilitate their social development. This book provides a comprehensive account of the policies and programs for transformation in rural India. It explains the key reform measures undertaken for raising the standard of living of the rural population.

382 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177083071