Human Development, Equity and Gender Justice

Edited by: Sudeepta Adhikari, B.R.K. Sinha

The ultimate objective of all economic efforts is human development, which encompasses quality of life, the level of well-being, and access to basic social services. The fundamental rights that India's constitution guarantees to every citizen include the right to life and the right to livelihood. The root cause of social insecurity in India is poverty and this is largely due to lack of adequate or productive employment opportunities. The pattern of economic development in India since independence in 1947 has left in its trail a variety of inequalities which have caused socio-political tensions. While the economy has performed well in terms of the growth rate of gross domestic product, its performance in terms of human development indicators has been unsatisfactory. India's recent economic growth performance has, indeed, been creditable. However, such growth must make a demonstrable difference to the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable citizens. India has the potential and the means to secure a reasonable standard of living for all of its citizens. The socio-economically disadvantaged - particularly women in rural areas - have yet to benefit from development efforts. The contributions in this book provide deep insights into the various aspects of India's human development in the context of social justice and female empowerment.

200 pages

Publication Date: 1/27/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177083002