Human and Natural Resources of India

By K. Narindar Jetli

India's Planning Commission makes an assessment of the material, capital, and human resources of the country, and it investigates the possibilities of augmenting these resources in relation to the nation's needs. Furthermore, the Planning Commission formulates a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of the country's resources. The objective is to raise the standard of living of the people as a whole. The attainment of this objective involves the development of the nation's human and natural resources. The National Development Council (NDC) reviews the working of India's national plan, considering important questions of social and economic policy affecting national development, and recommending measures for the achievement of the aims and targets of the national plan. The NDC, being the apex body for economic matters, takes all final decisions as regards the size, contents, objectives, and strategies of the plan, with the Planning Commission functioning as an advisory body to the NDC. This book provides a vivid account of the various dimensions of human and natural resources of India and the issues associated with their utilization.

299 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177082364